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Image text: What is a Silver Nanoparticle
We answer your question of: “What is a Silver Nanoparticle? here. And, we go on to answer the follow-up question of: “How may it possibly improve my health?“, because let's face it. Unless silver, or any other nanoparticle, has a beneficial function to perform most of […]

Regenerate Your Health

Our unique formulation contains ingredients that are natural immunity boosters. Nano47 contains anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Third Party Lab Tested. Broad Spectrum Products.

We’re Committed to Your Well-Being

As a research group that’s been focused on health for 19 years, we want our customers, employees, and all families to stay healthy. We know that this is a trying time for people around the world, and we’re committed to supporting you however we can.

Mother Nature + Doctors & Experts = Flawless Results

Good science matters, and we want to share the most significant breakthrough in nano colloidal technology in the last 100 years. Nano47 is a supreme powerful resource with antimicrobial properties, in the defense against pathogens.

Purity Matters

We obsessively test every lot to ensure our products are free from environmental toxins and contaminants. Nano47 scientists utilize advanced instrumentation and techniques to ensure the quality, uniformity and performance of our products.

Our Mission

Protect our community and world with the cleanest and highest quality products.

We aim to bring endless joy and newfound comfort to your home.


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A Brief History

We Make High-Quality Natural Colloidal Silver Products That Actually Work…

The founder of Naturis Labs became interested in colloids many years ago (2008) because of his children had several health issues. While doing research quickly learned that most of the so called information about colloidal silver technology published on the internet was wrong, and that most of the colloidal silver generators available on the market claiming to make colloidal silver did not make colloidal silver at all, but made ionic silver.

Further, he quickly found that putting silver wires in a glass of water and connecting them to 9 volt batteries was completely wrong and didn’t actually make colloidal silver.

Then in 2010 he built his own colloidal silver generator equipment to start producing high quality colloidal silver based on well known scientific principles.

Nano47 & Naturis Labs single goal – to make non-toxic, plant-based and personal care products that are safe enough to use around kids.

After running tests on kids of our own, we discovered that many natural products that were safe for use around children and pets had a trade off – they were not very effective. So for the past six years we’ve worked with a team of doctors and biochemists to create household products that checked the following:

Safe For Your Family

Safe For The Environment

Work BETTER Than Harsh Chemical Alternatives

Ed Make believes in full transparency when it comes to our product labels and marketing efforts.

Our labels clearly outline every ingredient within each Nano47 product – no exaggerations, no omissions.

Based on our commitment to using only the purest ingredients available, every Nano47 formula is at least 99.5% natural.

Many of our products contain an even higher percentage of natural ingredients. In other words, there is never more than 0.5% of synthetic ingredients in any given product formula.

Since 1999 Mother Nature + Doctors & Experts = Flawless Results

Our goal is to make high-quality, plant-based products that are actually effective, no matter the cost. To accomplish this, we partner with some of the nation’s leading doctors, chemists and industry experts…

Where We Are Today

Julie Jackson, MD

American Board of Dermatology, Double Board Certified (Dermatology, Dermatopathology)

University of Texas at Arlington, Summa Cum Laude, Biochemistry

University of Texas Medical, Galveston

Magna Cum Laude Honors for research in Dermatology

UCLA, Dermatology Residency

Selected as Texas Super Doctors Rising Stars in Texas Monthly magazine, 2017 & 2018

Ed Make

1998, Research & Development team member at Rexall & Sundown Chemical and vitamin brands

1994, Assistant Lab Instructor at San Jose State University, Advanced Quantitative Chemistry

1994, Research and Lab analysis

for water nano interaction of metal particles in living tissue and toxicity

1995, NSF fellowship recipient for water toxicity research

2013, founded Naturis Labs LLC

Martha Lynn Kale

Locally and nationally acclaimed hairstylist since 2008

Opened award-winning Austin salon ‘Mirror Mirror’ in 2011 with a focus on cleaner ingredients and safer salon procedures

Recognized green beauty blogger and authority source for cleaner beauty and personal care products

Advocate for safer beauty since 2017 with a passion for both performance AND safety

Graduated from Auburn University and local Austinite since 2002

Nano47 Lead BioChemist

Our team expert values their privacy, so we’ve opted to keep them anonymous

Master, BioChemistry

University of California

Nearly a dozen patents

Over 40 years of industry experience

Nano47 Lead Formulator